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About Us

Our Mission

Fremont High School is a 9th-12th grade school dedicated to providing a rigorous, inclusive, and equitable education to our diverse student body. We strive to instill collaboration, critical thinking, and literacy, while developing students' technological, social-emotional, and leadership skills. In addition to college and career readiness for all our students, we value civic engagement and empowering students to act as agents of change throughout our school and local community.

Our Vision

Our school is a welcoming place where all students, families, and teachers feel their needs are met and their voices are heard. Our students graduate prepared for the colleges and careers of their choice through rigorous academic coursework and through equitable opportunities in career pathways, industry certifications, work-based learning, early college, and advisory.

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4610 Foothill Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94601

Phone: (510) 879-2302
Fax: (510) 627-9302


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