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About Media Academy

Providing opportunities for students to create and grow through journalism, photography, film, design and virtual reality.

Founded in 1986, the Media Academy is a training ground where students are immersed into a creative community that utilizes technology to communicate through multiple forms of media. We empower students to be critical thinkers and ethical users and creators of information.  We will provide personalized learning experiences to prepare students for life after high school by providing opportunities for students to achieve college and career readiness through linked learning, career technical education courses, cross-curricular collaboration, job shadowing, and internships.

Course Sequence

10th Grade - Multi Media
11th Grade - Art of Digital Filmmaking, Motion Graphics *Dual Enrollment Course, Graphic Communications (Year Book and Magazine)
12th Grade - Advanced Filmmaking (360 Film and Virtual Reality) , Graphic Communications (Year Book and Magazine)

Media Academy