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Graduation Requirements

Fremont High School’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for an entry level job and/or college entrance. It is very important for parents to carefully read their student's report card and to check that he/she is on track for credits as well as GPA. Please check with your student's academic counselor if you need help in evaluating his/her progress.

Minimum Graduation Requirements

  1. Students must acquire at least 230 credits in required subjects. However, most students graduate with 240 or more credits.

    One semester course = 5 credits.
    One year course = 10 credits.

  2. Students must have a final minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.

  3. Students must complete a senior project during the 12th grade year. 

  Credits Required by OUSD Years Required by OUSD Recommended for university application

a.   History/Social Science

30 3 years same
b.   English
      (Composition and Literature)

4 years


c.   Mathematics (Elementary Algebra, 
       Geometry and Intermediate


3 years

4+ years

d.   Laboratory Science
       (from two disciplines)


3 years

4+ years

e.   World Language 
      (2 years of the same language)


2 years

3+ years

f.   Visual and performing arts


1 year


g.  College-preparatory elective


1 year

10 credits

+    Physical Education

20 2 years

Graduation Progress Checklist