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The BLOC LOVE Foundation

At The BLOC Love Foundation, we believe in the power of collaborative work towards a shared vision. We provide local leaders with resources, tools, and funding to make a lasting impact in their communities. Together, we rebuild one block at a time, focusing on love, hope, and meaningful acts of service.

What services or resources do we offer to students through The BLOC LOVE Foundation?

iVisionary Academy - Youth Leadership development program through the creative arts. iVisionary Talent Tour - High school talent showcase highlighting visionary students using their creative gifts and talents to inspire change in the world. Adopt A BLOC - Providing food, gifts, and hot meals for families during the holiday season.    

How you can reach us

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Who are we?


Ace Johnson

Ace Johnson, the Visionary Director of the BLOC LOVE Foundation, is an essential pillar driving our mission of community transformation. As Co-Founder, Ace's passion and dedication shape the foundation's vision, and their innovative spirit shines through the groundbreaking iVisionary Academy—a youth leadership program empowering young minds through creative arts. Ace's role as the mastermind behind the iVisionary Talent Tour showcases their exceptional talent as a Spoken word artist, inspiring high school students to embrace their creative gifts. Guiding creative entrepreneurs and serving as a prominent community leader and youth educator, Ace's unwavering belief in collaboration and the arts shapes a better world with love, hope, and service.


Alexandria Johnson

Alexandria Johnson, Community Outreach Director of the BLOC LOVE Foundation, is a driving force for positive community impact. As Co-Founder, social worker, and community organizer, Alexandria empowers underserved communities, creating meaningful connections and lasting change as a family resource coordinator and event planner. Her dedication extends to creating food and nutrition programs for houseless residents and families, fostering a nurturing environment for their well-being. With a master's degree in Psychology and extensive experience in early childhood development, Alexandria's profound understanding of human needs makes a lasting difference in the lives she touches.